Room Swap Chat

ROOM SWAPPING. The hotel will allow room swapping if, for example, you are going to adjust or cancel your reservation and you know of a classmate who is looking for a room. The comments section below may help facilitate swaps. (suggested content: HAVE ROOM or NEED ROOM, dates, contact info) Once a swap is agreed upon, the person who has the existing reservation must initiate the swap with the hotel (and have the other person’s contact info available).

7 thoughts on “Room Swap Chat

  1. Hello Shipmates. I have reservation at the Graduate Hotel starting Thursday check out Sunday of our reunion weekend if anybody wants it. You can text or call me at (406) 250-1406. I look forward to seeing you all there. My best, Janet Bristol


  2. I Have a room at Graduate that I can Swap or cancel. Check in 8/31 (can be adjusted if needed) check out 9/4 (probably cannot adjust.) Contact me if interested: Gunnar Buzzard, cell 602-315-2765 or email


  3. I have a reservation at the Graduate Sep. 1-4th and don’t need it. Contact me at or 651-746-4792 if you want me to transfer it to you. I’ll be there but at a different location.


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