Room Swap Chat

ROOM SWAPPING. The hotel will allow room swapping if, for example, you are going to adjust or cancel your reservation and you know of a classmate who is looking for a room. The comments section below may help facilitate swaps. (suggested content: HAVE ROOM or NEED ROOM, dates, contact info) Once a swap is agreed upon, the person who has the existing reservation must initiate the swap with the hotel (and have the other person’s contact info available).

10 thoughts on “Room Swap Chat

  1. Hello Shipmates. I have reservation at the Graduate Hotel starting Thursday check out Sunday of our reunion weekend if anybody wants it. You can text or call me at (406) 250-1406. I look forward to seeing you all there. My best, Janet Bristol


  2. I Have a room at Graduate that I can Swap or cancel. Check in 8/31 (can be adjusted if needed) check out 9/4 (probably cannot adjust.) Contact me if interested: Gunnar Buzzard, cell 602-315-2765 or email


  3. I have a reservation at the Graduate Sep. 1-4th and don’t need it. Contact me at or 651-746-4792 if you want me to transfer it to you. I’ll be there but at a different location.


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