Class Governance

Over the past several months, we have had an esteemed and diverse group of Classmates serving on the Class Governance & Election Committee (GEC).  Your GEC has been deeply engaged in discussing how we currently, and intend to, operate as a Class, reviewing several other Class’ Bylaws, and drafting and debating the specific details of the attached set of Bylaws. We officially briefed the Class on these Bylaws during a Zoom event on March 30th and put the Bylaws to a Class vote.  We exceeded the 15% quorum threshold for voting with 100% of voting classmates in favor of our new Bylaws, which are now adopted.

We have now officially moved into the Nomination & Election Process so please ping Jim Matheson directly if you have interest and/or questions about running for Class Office. We’ll be following up with those of you who indicated as such in the poll.

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